Memory Boxes


We are back in business after the past few years of COVID lockdowns, and our memory box painting program is continuing each general meeting day at 10 a.m. At our committee meeting of 27th March, at Kathy Prestegar's suggestion, we decided that  going forward the Mini Technique Workshops will be combined with memory box painting.  The new techniques can then be used for the memory boxes which are now in high demand from aged care facilities.


2022 DATES

Memory Box painting dates are:

  • February 27

  • April 24

  • June 26

  • October 23



Painting for the Memory Box sessions is from 10 am -12 noon on the mornings of each general meeting. Memory box painting in 2022 is going to be combined with the mini workshops that Kathy Prestegar used to teach at 12 noon each meeting day. This way we can learn a technique as well as painting a much needed memory box.  

Memory boxes were once given to grieving parents who had lost their babies. However recently we have found that aged care facilities love to have the boxes for their residents.  Each resident has their special box which contains their activities' photos & other memorabilia.  When loved ones visit they can talk about the contents of their box, and the box can eventually be kept by the family when their loved one passes away.

Kathy's Memory Box free patterns

Just click on each of the above and your computer should direct you to save the files (.doc or .pdf ) to your computer system.