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Folk Art Styles

FOLK ART is a broad term used to describe a range of artistic expressions of the people of a country or region as well as the art of some individuals.  Many folk artists were not academically trained.  Folk painters were often concerned with recording the ordinary activities of life, and their direct and honest depiction of subjects usually reflected social and cultural characteristics.  Flowers rendered in simple stroke work were a popular choice of subject material.  Naive figures and decorative design, bright colours, and unrealistic spatial relationships often characterise folk art.  


Contemporary decorative painting has its origins in the folk art of the past, with modern day artists experimenting with old and new techniques and creating new designs with the vast array of painting equipment now available.  The resurgence of interest in the decorative arts over the last 50 years has resulted in many fine art techniques being incorporated into what is now considered to be decorative painting.


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Many thanks to the Committee Members who contributed to this section, and a very special thanks to Gail Tuckett & Dean Anthony.

Most images contributed by members of SFDAV - these images are either original works and / or art painted at workshops or from pattern packets and publications. 

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