Because of Covid restrictions in 2020 there were virtually no shows for us to display our art. 


But hopefully later in 2021 Victoria's  agricultural shows will be up and running again. 


It is important to participate in these shows to keep  to folk and decorative art alive.

Congratulations to all past winners and participants of shows and here's hoping for a bumper year of shows in 2021. 


At this stage, the Royal Melbourne Show is planned to go ahead.  More news following.

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Local Victorian Agricultural Shows,
as listed on the official website - 
Please click on the below link to take you to the up-to-date website with dates & further details

There are many Shows that take place around  the state of Victoria during the calendar year.  Some are Agricultural Shows, some have Exhibitions and Competitions - others do not.  Those that do have Folk / Decorative Arts Competitions - we hope to bring you the results of these as they come to hand.  


If you have results of a show close to you, then please email the SFDAV Webmaster with the information.